Known TV Actress and Personality Had a Boob Job

Everyone would easily recognize Charisma Carpenter because of her previous TV stint in the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the character Cordelia Chase and then again on its TV spin-off Angel where she played the same role. This full blooded American actress has had good visibility in Hollywood ever since and with roles in other shows like Charmed and Legend of the seeker, she also played Jason Statham’s love interest in the recent movie The Expendables along with other big shot action stars. She also hailed the famous Playboy magazine in previous issues that featured her in a 10 page nude lay out. One thing that can be noticed also is her apparent increase in her breast size that gave her more media attention! It seems that every Hollywood blooded actress these days look on the bright side of breast augmentation.

If you take a look at her previous pictures in the early and then the late 2000’s you can notice the differences in size, and when asked about it Charisma was very positive of the results of her plastic surgery and even recommends it to others. One of her close friends also said that she looks fantastic and the results are fantastic making her even more bodacious because of her curvy figure, just like a recent breast augmentation of Kellie Pickler, It’s also no surprise why she still has the juice to go along with the fresher teens in the industry, she is however aware or the dangers of plastic surgery and still recommends in getting a professional do work on her.