Winona Ryder is a well known and incredibly pretty actress who took the world by storm by her role during her teen years as a goth in the movie Beetlejuice then later on well known movies like The Age of Innocence and Little Women. She is an eminent actress that got critical acclaim commercially that got a golden globe award and various nominations for an academy award and screen actors guild award. Throughout the years there have been news also about the plastic surgery procedures that she underwent, the most common are rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. If you want to be surer then better head online and take a look at the various before and after pictures that show significant changes and significant improvements in her looks.

For Winona Ryder’s rhinoplasty pictures you can check out several online pictures that have her nose looking thinner and defined, just make sure to look at the pictures that have a similar facial expression like when she’s smiling or grinning. One can say that it is good plastic surgery procedure because several notable rhinoplasty specialists commented on how it complements her facial features as well.

Another notable change due to breast augmentation would be her front “assets”, which became one of her trademarks. If you take a look at the pictures you will notice that her bosom is much more rounded and firm looking in the upper part, but for good measure you might as well take a look at the pictures throughout her career and see how well her figure improved. All in all one can say that it brought about a good outcome in improving her overall appearance, that’s good Hollywood plastic surgery success when you take a look closely through her pictures though.