Anyone is sure to recognize the Italian-born American actress that hailed the big screens as well as the celluloid screen of the television; Rose McGowan is one of the most recognized female faces in Hollywood. She starred in the movie Scream and Grindhouse, she’s also known in her orle in the popular TV series Charmed from the late 90’s. She always was a fresh face and a personality to beat according to other actors that worked alongside her, and was also a featured model in FHM magazine. As with other stars that hailed Hollywood, she’s also one for engaging in plastic surgery. You can notice that her facial features have changed as of late! You can take a look at the pictures online and you’ll see what I mean, some media sources even state that she’s barely recognizable because of a certain facelift procedure.

Take a look at her pictures from the early 2007s and now to 2010, you can even compare her face from when she was younger, there really is a difference. She also admits that she underwent several procedures in the past and now some new changes have been identified as well. Prominent Hollywood plastic surgeons even commented that several facelift procedures ranging from facial fillers to skin grafting and even botox. Such a combination would really puff out someone’s face and the pictures are evidence. She has stated that she underwent such procedures because of a recent auto accident but details are still sketchy. This outcome can be a source of woe for those with excessive facelift procedures that is a bad plastic surgery procedure in mind!