Surgically Enhanced yet Full of Plastic Surgery Woes

It seems that most celebrities just don’t put down what’s not good for them in the long run, that’s the case with Katie Price, an English celebrity and former glamour model whose knack for plastic surgery has gone to great lengths. If you would take a look at her before plastic surgery pictures you will notice that her previous model looks much better compared to what she looks like now. She is also prominently featured on British feature tabloids and celebrity based magazines; she is a known entrepreneur and businesswoman as well and has a hefty amount of controversies in her celebrity, business, and personal life. There is also the latest buzz on Katie Price plastic surgery procedures these days; she underwent a number of procedures like facial fillers, breast implants and augmentation, and rhinoplasty procedure! Talk about going overboard. If you take a look at the picture, it certainly speaks for itself.

She reportedly broke down according to celebrity gossip and buzz websites online, when kids teased her about her looks, she was told that she looked like daffy duck and had puffy pillow faced features. Even a lot of people were shocked to see her detrimental transformation these days because of her constant re-doing of her now more awful plastic surgery procedure; she has undergone another recent breast augmentation because she was not happy about the previous 30 G cup size increase. It will make you wonder how people with a lot of money and already have stunning good looks go under the knife for the sake of improving looks.