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There is no doubt that Jessica Biel is one of the hottest and sought after American actress and model in Hollywood. Any guy could just marvel at her curvy physique and alluring smile. She’s most known as Mary Camden from the hit TV series 7th Heaven and an array of prominent roles in movies such as Summer Catch, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake, Stealth, and many others. And just like any other Hollywood personality is also speculated of going under the knife, or has a previous procedure during her early years. There has been plenty of pictures online about Jessica Biel undergoing plastic surgery most notably on her facial features. Just take a look online and compare her past pictures to the present ones, there’s quite a difference when you look closely and a lot of people have noticed. If you look back to the young Jessica you can notice the charms of her youth, she even posed semi nude for Gears magazine once and gained quite the attention and just recently photos of her surfaced which show evidence of plastic surgery. Indeed Hollywood plastic surgery affects everyone, even people as beautiful as Jessica Biel.

Just get online and take a look at the pictures, her lips looks fuller, the nose bridge looks thinner, her cheeks look more prominent. There are a number of procedures that can be deduced from the changes in her face like a juvaderm injection for bigger and fuller lips and rhinoplasty. There are some who say that she got those procedures when she was young and now that time has taken its toll, it’s very noticeable nowadays. But still she looks beautiful and classy! And still most of the people only identify small changes, worthy of a good plastic surgery procedure before and after. No matter how much has changed she’s still the hot Jessica Biel that anyone is sure to love.


Surgically Enhanced yet Full of Plastic Surgery Woes

It seems that most celebrities just don’t put down what’s not good for them in the long run, that’s the case with Katie Price, an English celebrity and former glamour model whose knack for plastic surgery has gone to great lengths. If you would take a look at her before plastic surgery pictures you will notice that her previous model looks much better compared to what she looks like now. She is also prominently featured on British feature tabloids and celebrity based magazines; she is a known entrepreneur and businesswoman as well and has a hefty amount of controversies in her celebrity, business, and personal life. There is also the latest buzz on Katie Price plastic surgery procedures these days; she underwent a number of procedures like facial fillers, breast implants and augmentation, and rhinoplasty procedure! Talk about going overboard. If you take a look at the picture, it certainly speaks for itself.

She reportedly broke down according to celebrity gossip and buzz websites online, when kids teased her about her looks, she was told that she looked like daffy duck and had puffy pillow faced features. Even a lot of people were shocked to see her detrimental transformation these days because of her constant re-doing of her now more awful plastic surgery procedure; she has undergone another recent breast augmentation because she was not happy about the previous 30 G cup size increase. It will make you wonder how people with a lot of money and already have stunning good looks go under the knife for the sake of improving looks.

Hollywood Star with a Penchant for Trouble and Plastic Surgery

It seems fame, fortune, and trouble has a knack for following Lindsay Lohan everywhere she goes. There’s no doubt that she has found her niche starting out as child fashion model then furthering her career in Hollywood as one of the prominent leading roles in films like Freaky Friday, Herbie Fully Loaded, and Mean Girls. She also is a pop singer and model for some known record labels and clothing brands. One can say that she took a more sultry and serious role when she was cast as the leading role in the thriller I Know Who Killed Me, which showcases a more darker and adult role, even dancing around the pole as a stripper, this just establishes how sexy she is! It can’t be denied that she also had plastic surgery work done to her because at the young age of 17 she had breast implants and succeeding breast reduction too when she didn’t get the look she wanted.

This “bad girl” also now has a reputation for getting in trouble because of her DUI incidents last 2007 and visits to drug rehabilitation center, one must question sometimes, is this girl seeking attention or she inclined to trouble? Just take a look at the latest pictures of her lips and face right now; it looks like she had face Juvaderm procedure.

Not only that but there is noticeable changes in her skin that looks thinned out and makes her look older! Who knows what other procedures that she might have had, she should learn to choose a good plastic surgeon and plastic surgery services next time. Still, she remains familiar face in Hollywood not only in infamy but also in plastic surgery.