Gossip Girl Now Has Constant Gossip about Her Plastic Surgery

Another one of tinsel town’s finest, Blake Lively is known for her lead role as Serena van der Woodsen as the it-girl in the teen drama filled TV Series title Gossip Girl.  She also had previous stints in movies like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted, and New York I Love You. She began her acting at the age of 11 and thrived in being lead and supporting roles in past performances and is also a gorgeous model to beat. One can say that she has an appeal of a girl next door and style of an A-lister because of her varying wardrobe choices. Now she looks more beautiful and gorgeous thanks to plastic surgery. One can notice her previous pictures from the past and present pictures now most especially on her nose which evident rhinoplasty and additional breast augmentation because of the increased bust size.

Now everyone can notice how her nose is now much more defined and her figure now more curvy that before thanks to a recent boob job. There are even statement online that she was denying having any cosmetic surgery done but only pictures of comparison are proof, it’s not that it’s horrible or anything but people will say what they want to say most especially when it comes to plastic surgery in Hollywood. It’s still definitely a choice when someone decides to look more beautiful than they were before, and things are still looking up for Blake Lively whether it be career or in improving her own looks.