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TV Star at 42 Still Looks Great

She is best known as Xena in her previous role as Xena: Warrior Princess which is a supernatural fantasy show that aired from 1995 to 2001. This actress has surely paved her way to stardom because of this role and still continues to show off how good she is in terms of talent and looks. This New Zealander was also named one of the most beautiful people in the world in 1997 and has garnered kudos from several singing competitions in the past. At 41 years old there’s no wondering how good her physique is still since her past athletic regimen in her Xena days and still carries on today with the latest TV appearance as a Roman blueblood in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. There are plenty of explicit roles where she appears in the nude and it begs you to wonder if she underwent any procedure that made her breast look bigger, it seems that breast implants are responsible for a more prominent bust size and firm appearance on TV.

She still has a body that is in tip top shape and can still go along even with the young thespians who hail the TV with more voluptuous figures, some Hollywood plastic surgeons even comment that her body is that of a Greek Goddess and owes her physique and appearance to rigorous exercise and a good diet. If you take a look at the pictures you may notice that she has not undergone any major work that is of note and her breasts still look natural although increased ad prominent in appearance.

Gossip Girl Now Has Constant Gossip about Her Plastic Surgery

Another one of tinsel town’s finest, Blake Lively is known for her lead role as Serena van der Woodsen as the it-girl in the teen drama filled TV Series title Gossip Girl.  She also had previous stints in movies like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted, and New York I Love You. She began her acting at the age of 11 and thrived in being lead and supporting roles in past performances and is also a gorgeous model to beat. One can say that she has an appeal of a girl next door and style of an A-lister because of her varying wardrobe choices. Now she looks more beautiful and gorgeous thanks to plastic surgery. One can notice her previous pictures from the past and present pictures now most especially on her nose which evident rhinoplasty and additional breast augmentation because of the increased bust size.

Now everyone can notice how her nose is now much more defined and her figure now more curvy that before thanks to a recent boob job. There are even statement online that she was denying having any cosmetic surgery done but only pictures of comparison are proof, it’s not that it’s horrible or anything but people will say what they want to say most especially when it comes to plastic surgery in Hollywood. It’s still definitely a choice when someone decides to look more beautiful than they were before, and things are still looking up for Blake Lively whether it be career or in improving her own looks.

90’s Actress Looking Better Than Before

Now who could forget Mira Sorvino? She was an actress during the 90’s that made her breakout role in the movie Mighty Aphrodite where she played a part time porn star named Linda Ash, and then again a memorable role as Romy White in the hit 1997 comedy film Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and also a slew of thriller and action flicks like Mimic and The Replacement Killers. The realm of acting also runs in her blood since her mother is a drama therapist and her father is a Italian American actor and director. At first you might not notice that she looks better now than before and there’s no question that she has some work done and its good plastic surgery! Just take a look at her recent pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

At age 41 and with stunning good looks, Mira Sorvino is still the definite girl from the 90’s that can still have guys taking a second look at her! And there’s nothing like a little plastic surgery help to smooth out those rough edges, you can spot it since her age lines are most likely decreased thanks to botox and her jaw line is more definitive thanks to chin implants and facelift procedures. Some prominent plastic surgeons even commented that she should continue what she’s doing because she looks great on and off camera and the changes though noticeable are subtle and is just right. Maybe not every celebrity has good results from having work done but there are several exceptions from Hollywood plastic surgery that has good results and Mira Sorvino is included in those exceptions.

Known TV Actress and Personality Had a Boob Job

Everyone would easily recognize Charisma Carpenter because of her previous TV stint in the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the character Cordelia Chase and then again on its TV spin-off Angel where she played the same role. This full blooded American actress has had good visibility in Hollywood ever since and with roles in other shows like Charmed and Legend of the seeker, she also played Jason Statham’s love interest in the recent movie The Expendables along with other big shot action stars. She also hailed the famous Playboy magazine in previous issues that featured her in a 10 page nude lay out. One thing that can be noticed also is her apparent increase in her breast size that gave her more media attention! It seems that every Hollywood blooded actress these days look on the bright side of breast augmentation.

If you take a look at her previous pictures in the early and then the late 2000’s you can notice the differences in size, and when asked about it Charisma was very positive of the results of her plastic surgery and even recommends it to others. One of her close friends also said that she looks fantastic and the results are fantastic making her even more bodacious because of her curvy figure, just like a recent breast augmentation of Kellie Pickler, It’s also no surprise why she still has the juice to go along with the fresher teens in the industry, she is however aware or the dangers of plastic surgery and still recommends in getting a professional do work on her.

Full on Babe Thanks to Full on “add-ons”

She’s definitely a looker; she puts the fox in foxy, a sought after Hollywood A-Lister, and definitely a babe to all eager guys out there. She is Megan Fox! She often models on the latest men’s magazines and garnered a sex symbol status and was ranked previously as one of the hottest actors under 25. Her full name is Megan Denise Fox and she is of French, Irish, and Native American descent, at an early age she was trained in drama and dance and subsequently began modeling after winning awards at South Carolina when she was 13. Fox got notable movie roles in the early 2000s like Holiday in the Sun and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen then also later in television like the sitcom Faith and Hope. And then also in the late 2000s who would not recognize Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes in the live action Transformers movies where she showed her physical prowess in portraying sexy girlfriend roles opposite Shia LaBeouf.

Such is the life of a celebrity like Megan Fox, but it is not without perks and “add-ons” too.  One of the prominent media topics about her is the unbelievably stunning good look she has, specially the facial features. She looks absolutely great! It must have been Hollywood plastic surgery. It’s no question these days that the majority of Hollywood celebrities opt to plastic surgery to enhance their looks, and babes like Megan Fox are no exception. She has been looking a little different from her much photographed self lately, the most evident is her nose and lips.

Getting good looks entails having good physical procedures done thanks to plastic surgery, these “add-ons” make physical features looks more prominent and fuller, just take a look at the nose and lips. Hey, I bet she’ll take even the best juvederm or collagen enhanced lip fillers for sultry lips and still look stunning, before and after photos can tell a lot and can turn a pretty girl next door to a full bodied sexy woman in the process. Also kudos to her sugeon responsible for her rhinoplasty, that nose just sets her facial features right and shape her face even more!

All in all Megan Fox is still a very beautiful, sultry, and sexy. The plastic surgery just doubled that and more for her career and her sex symbol status!

Beautiful English Actress and Model Underwent Breast Augmentation

We have seen a couple of English actresses hailing the big screens now and then and Rhona Mitra is no exception, with movies like Doomsday and Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans under her belt she sure has made a name for herself in the halls of Hollywood. What adds to her exquisite looks and sultry babe disposition is her mix of Irish, English, and Indian descent that makes her a well known model and singer too, there’s no denying how beautiful she is thanks to the combination of her lineage. She is also not alien to having undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery, like having breast augmentation because there are recent pictures circulating about with evidence of plastic surgery scars that are showing especially of her wearing a dress. She should’ve been more careful in selecting a plastic surgeon for this procedure.

Sometimes surgery like this leaves scars and must be duly corrected so as not to appear to have a procedure done and have natural looking breasts, but apparently she went one size too big and is evident. It’s also good to note that she has not had any other procedure lately done to other parts of her body like the face and nose because her facial features are just right, you could recognize her as one of the actresses who posed as Lara Croft, one of the most popular characters in video games. Let’s hope that in the future that the carefully chooses a cosmetic surgery procedure that won’t reveal scars.

Obsessed With Perfection

Now who wouldn’t recognize the blonde head turner named Heidi Montag? She hailed the TV screens in the former MTV reality TV series The Hills and she’s a well known personality and singer in Hollywood. With a face and body to die for who would want to change anything about themselves especially Heidi Montag? It’s pretty evident how a person would want to improve their looks especially when you’re in the confines of Hollywood, in the late 2007 of April she had undergone breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and collagen lip injections and during the later weeks she did not confirm it but after several months she revealed her surgeries to the public. If you read certain comments and articles purportedly said by Heidi Montag that she was teased about and was conscious of her looks when she was younger and now that she is in the big leagues in Hollywood, plastic surgery made her feel more confident and not be like an ugly duckling anymore, but if you take a look at her previous pictures online she is incredibly attractive and a bodacious babe!

It seems that the glitz and glamour these days isn’t enough for Heidi, and by 2010 she also underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures again! Some of them include a mini brow lift, chin reduction, Botox treatment in her forehead, buttock augmentation, breast augmentation revision, and other small notable procedures. It’s not like its bad or anything but it’s like a rush for beauty and an obsession with perfection. Hollywood plastic surgery addiction indeed runs in her veins and it’s not surprising that she might go back for more.